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by Taylor

What an amazing concert! This was my fourth total, second this tour (went to Atlanta earlier in Oct). Show was pretty similar to Atlanta and other shows in North America.

Some notes:
Bono mentions that it's been 26 years that they performed in Norman. So he changed the first lyrics of In a Little While to "It's Been a Little While."

At the close of Until the End of the World, he and the Edge battle off in traditional style, except, they both stand on their own bridge as they swing to touch in the middle.

At the end of Unforgettable Fire, Bono pulls a boy (about 10 years old) onto the bridge. They run around the ellipse together and Bono sings almost the whole first half of the song to him. He gives him his trademark glasses and has the boy look into the camera for the line, "look ugly in a photograph." (By the time he's back at the mic he of course is sporting a new pair.)

At some point in the first half of the show, I don't remember exactly when, Bono mentions that they would be linking up with the I.S.S. But they never did. I don't know if he was just mixing it up with another show, or something didn't work correctly. Interestingly enough though, a link up wasn't on the set list I got from the camera guy in front of me.

Unknown caller returns this show, and it's everything I thought it could be. (Although I still think that the remix of I'll Go Crazy is the best of the night--so much energy!)

One of my favorite shows to date.

Also, those with GA tickets. Don't try for the inner circle. The stage is 9-10 feet high, and you have to be pretty far back to see everything. I like being in the front center on the outside of the circle (on the rail). Great views, especially when they come forward from the bridges. Be warned.

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