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by Lisa

First off, I've had these tickets since May. Originally from Norman, I'm now in Louisiana. I often wondered if the drive would be worth it. Not only was it worth it, but it was definitely an experience not to be missed!

Thanks to everyone for the great pictures! I love seeing the band from every angle. The set list was great, with a few minor disappointments. I have since seen that they've played "Pride" at many other shows. That has to be one of my all time favorites, so I'm sad they didn't play it for us! :( There were still quite a few classics that rocked the stadium! The first of which was "Where the streets have no name". The song really took you back.

Another reviewer mentioned the ISS comment made by Bono. LOL.....it was a great moment, but a joke. Bono asked what we thought of their "mothership". He said "We bought this.....well, YOU bought this....it's our experiment for intimacy on a grand stage." He later said "This one goes out to the International Space Station. They tune in to us every few days and they are listening tonight!" LMAO (He was poking fun at the idea of it being a spaceship. Which interestingly, the people of Norman were calling it that all day!)

Another funny moment was a few songs in when Bono addressed the crowd and quipped, "What do you want to hear?"

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