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by Firas Khatib

The day started so harsh, with rain all day long while were we waiting in line and pouring rain when Keane hit the stage, but as soon as U2 came out on stage smiling and Bono shouted "let's take a bath together!' we knew it was gonna rock!

This was my first European show since Zooropa in Paris and I forgot how awesome the crowd is. The first four songs were incredible. Pouring rain, but the entire floor was jumping up and down to every beat and Bono even grabbed a water bottle, took a swig, and spitted it at the crowd, he then emptied the rest of the bottle on us and kicked a puddle of water all over the fans.

Luckily the rain eventually slowed down, Bono added snippets of Sgt. Peppers and Here Comes The Sun (very apropo indeed) to the end of Beautiful Day, which just fit so well because we were all soaked and tired but yet it didn't matter and it was a truly beautiful night!

The greatest highlight for me was hearing Miss Sarajevo live for the first time in my life and Bono's amazing Pavarotti... Bob would be so proud!

I will never forget Larry's smile at the last song. I think he was expecting 40, but Edge started the Vertigo riff and I saw Bono turn to Larry and I have never seen such a huge smile from Larry Mullen as he beat those drums like mad!

Other great moments, the guitarist from the crowd who could hardly play Party Girl, Bono who asked for the lyrics (it's smart that the crew now have them all ready for him) but even with the lyrics he messed up and The Edge had to tell him how to sing it... it was classic! Then a crew member brought out a bottle of Veuve Cliquot champagne and Bono sprayed it all over the front of the ellipse.

Two funny Dallas messups: he gave Edge the wrong guitar at the start of Streets and when Edge started to play it he made the funniest face: "WTF is this?" and Dallas ran and gave him the correct guitar, and then after the second encore Bono was thanking the crowd and Dallas plugged (or unplugged) something and made some horrible feedback, so when U2 came back after the break Dallas ran to Bono and apologized, Bono just laughed!

The Munich fans were just so great, all day in the GA line they were passing out white ballons and during the human rights declaration people started blowing them up and during Pride the floor was just full of white ballons bouncing around... it looked amazing!!!

I will upload photos when I come back to the states in a two weeks, it was a truly great show... I can't wait to see them again in November!

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