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by H.B.

This was my 6th Vertigo concert on this European leg of Vertigo Tour (now I have been to 10 U2 concerts in total)and it was really great as always. Last night it was raining and sometimes really hardly and heavy, but the band and audience were stronger and louder than in many previous shows during fine and sunny days/nights (and of course all the crew from Vertigo Tour production did excellent job as well).
Luckily it stopped raining after a first few songs (somewhere around Beautiful day) and we could enjoy in the show completely. Highlights for me was as always the whole concert, but it was interesting how some songs hit you and touch you again and again (and some on the other way or part than before).
Vertigo as opening song is truly right choice and as a closer is even more powerful, specially with all those stunning visual effects/images. Early songs like I will follow and Electric Co. simply made audience rocking, jumping and screaming/singing. Elevation is good follower of these songs and people like all that whooo, whoo thing and the best part in the song is when started as a full band version. New Years Day is old crowd pleas-er with the great Edges part on piano. Regarding the heavy rain Bono added some snippets after a few songs. Beautiful day was a beautiful and tonight more powerful than usual, as a desire for a better weather conditions (and soon it stopped raining!).
I still havent found what I am looking for is one of the most powerful U2 songs ever, it works great as a sing-along and everybody can identified and discover itself in this marvelous song (the chills and goosebumps are of course included). City of blinding lights is definitely one of the best songs from last album and of course live is even more better (the best part for me was-"Time wont leave me as I am, but time wont take the boy out of this man...").
Miracle drug is such an emotional song and beside chills, most man could find extra tears in their eyes-and who said that boys dont cry!?
Before Sometimes... Bono told us why he usually take off his sunglasses before he starts to sing this awesome song (his dad told him that he look stupid when he wears a sunglasses). This song is full of emotions and Bono sang this song with a lot of passion and from the heart as always.
Love and peace is much, much better live than on the album and Bono as a drummer is a kind of funny.
Sunday bloody Sunday is one of the legendary and most popular U2 songs ever, full of energy and audience went really wild as usual. Bullet the blue sky with all those snippets was the best version on this tour since ZooTv Tour. I thought they should retire this song, but now days with Bonos dramatic rock performance is splendid song.
Miss Sarajevo is great discover and nice surprise on this tour and for everybody having complaints regarding Bonos voice you should hear this song live, specially when he hit high notes in the opera part!
Pride was significant for our unstable times and a song with a strong message.
What to say for the Streets than this song has always the strongest response, audience really and truly adore it and always went wild and crazy! The best live song ever!
One was one of the most emotional songs and Bono added a well known snippet from the version of this song had during ZooTv Tour.
Zoo Station and The Fly got weaker reaction, although these were good live songs, specially The Fly with great guitar solo.
With or without you was and still is one of the most popular U2 songs and I hope they will have it always in their set lists.
All because of you was also good as usual with its glam rock influence.
Bono brought a male fan to play a guitar for the Party girl and that worked pretty well (that was the first time that I heard this song live and it was on my first U2 album "Under a blood red sky" and finally i heard it live after more than 15 years of waiting!).
And finally Second Vertigo as a closing song with a great energy and we left the stadium with high spirit and joy and happiness.
Once again thank you Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam for the great concert, the whole tour and wonderful music as a soundtrack for our and yours lives!

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