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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by dave weil

This isn't a full review but it should be noted that this show was the day before Bono's 21st birthday (the next day was a travel day). The band asked the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to Bono in his honor, after which, they doused him with champagne and hit him with a 25 lb bag of flour, completely covering him with a sticky paste.

Also, the local college station, WLYX FM-89 had run a contest called The U2 Scavenger Hunt, where listeners were to submit the most outrageous item starting with the letter "U". The band would then choose the best item on stage sometime during the show and the winner would receive a small pocket-sized camera (a "spy camera" fitting in with the U2 theme). The band had already picked the top three items out of the dozen submissions prior to the show and I believe that it was Edge who announced that the second place winner was a specimen jar with a preserved uterus in it (don't remember what number 3 was) and the first place prizewinner was a homemade "ukelele umbrella", which was exactly what it sounded like, a ukelele with a large umbrella surgically attached to the headstock.

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