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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Miles

I was 15, my first U2 ahow. The Palace was about 3 years old in '92, and I remember standing in line to get tickets. Sold out in 20 minutes, which I think is still the venue record.

The pizza passing has been well documented, and was kind of cool, though most of us didn't get any.

Two things stick out in my mind. First, the noise being ridiculous during the first 5 all Achtung songs.

Second, Ultraviolet. I liked the CD version going in but loved it afterwards. A real cool spontaneous moment during the song, too. During the middle interlude, right when Bono was about to sing "When I was all messed up, and i heard opera in my head..." some guy got on stage and took a flying head first leap off the stage. Looked like he might have cracked his skull. So Bono subbed the words, "When i was all f***ed up, and I heard opera in my head, I jumped off the side stage, yeah I landed on my head..."

Seen about 10 U2 shows. Only Baltimore Elevation even compares...

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