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by Doug

My first U2 show was the famous Pizza show at the Palace of Zoo TV. That was a great show.
Then on to Toronto's Exhibition Stadium for the outdoor broadcast, then the Silverdome for the MTV Music awards on Zoo TV. I saw them again 3 more times before tonight, which would be twice on Popmart Tour and once on Elevation. I don't know if it's because I read this site too much and know what to expect, but the Elevation show in Houston and this particular Palace show seem very scripted with not many surprises. I will say that last night was the best they sounded. I was expecting more action around the elipse. The set list also seemed very generic. Judging by past shows and the live VHS's and DVD's that I have, I just felt that this was a little less inspired then in the past. Maybe they are just getting a bit more mellow in there 40's. Still a very good show. If I didn't know what to expect, I may have appreciated it a little more. Best show ever had to be Edmonton Alberta, Canada, 64,000 plus in Commonweath Stadium 1997, Popmart. The crowd had a 1/2 hour wave going before the show, a real crazy crowd. The Band stopped after the second song and marvelled for several minutes, 'why haven't we been here before....' Can't wait to see the Live Vertigo DVD from Chicago....The Palace crowd also amazes me, because much of the crowd leaves before or during the encore. What's up with that? Not just for U2, but every concert I've been to their...? If you were a band like U2, how would you feel about the crowd leaving during the encore. Would you be inspired about the next show? Still a great band and still a good show.

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