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by Nacho

U2 gave us a specal night, full of sentiment and emotions amonsgt more than 20,000 people who made the Palau Saint Jordi a complete party during the whole night, celebrating as well The Edges birthday.
The concert started 30 minutes late, due to some technical problems at the last time. Fortunately I was inside the Heart platform, so I could stay with the band very close and enjoy the concert even more than in other place.
There were some Spanish actors and people of the media, such as the famous actor Javier Bardem(Oscar nominated this year 2,001) who were enjoying at the higher level the great show.
The party started with a tremendous and powerful "Elevation", showing all the energy that was going to be even bigger during the show.It followed Beatiful day and Until the End of The World, where Bono and The Edge played together, Bono imitating as abull and The Edge the bullfighter, as in the best corridas in the Spanish plazas. Bono kissed a girl after the song and the band started to play the first classic of the night "New Years Day", followed by the most emotional moment of the night, where Bono dedicated the song Kite to his father, whos very sick, and some tears came out of his eyes, and he started to play the beatiful song. This shows that U2 is more than a group, it is full of feelings and emotions and that this situations can perfectly pass through the crowd who can feel what they are feeling.
A powerful New York, and I Will Follow came before the first surprise of the night, when Bono whispered to Edges ear something and that surprise came out with the song Spanish Eyes, first time played during this tour and in many years. The people, enthusiastic, shouted with the Spanish crowd "Spanish eyes... Baby hang on...".
Sunday bloddy Sunday, with bono talking about the situation in Ireland,and a
very beatiful Wake Up Dead Man was played into the singing crowd.
Stuck in a Moment, In A Little While followed the setlist.
Bono ran across the catwalk and with a bottle of champaigne, he sang the Happy birthday to The Edge. Adam and Larry went to that side of the catwalk and they started to played as the typical part of the past tours, in the middle of the Catwalk, the acoustic concert of the band, with 3 songs: Desire, Stay and the wonderful Bad, when Bono went to the main catwalk and he touched his left arm with his right hand as showing to the people th BAD of drugs.
40 came with the crowd singing with the band, "How long...", connecting the chords with the powerful Where The Streets Have No Name, followed by Pride, with the crowd supporting the song.
The Fly was not played in Barcelona, although we really missed it, since its a symbol in U2 setlist.
After the Encore, some video images appeared
in Spanish-against 5 biggest nations attitude towards weapons -, for the first time in the tour during of Bullet the blue sky, where The Edge showed his talent and skills as a guitarrist.
The concert ended with the last 3 songs: With Or Without You (a girl went into the catwalk and Bono danced with her, the girl got a mistake in singing the bis, when bono put the microphone for her to sing, and she said Barcelona,instead of With or Without you); One, with Bono thanking Nelson Mandela and with a nice final version, after ending the song, bono played along the words: ave you come her for forgiveness, have you come to raise the dead, have you come here to play Jesus, I DID", showing the intentions of the singer during his last years, trying to help the poor and the third World cause.
Finally, Walk on ended this great show.
U2 could transmit their message full of sentiment and solidarity.

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