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by Raquel Cunha

I had to wait for 7 years to see U2 on stage again, since Brazil is not part of their tours very often. I was so happy when I found out that I would be in Denmark exactly in that day, and couldn't believe it when I finally received the ticket I bought by internet! I was there at 5pm when the doors were open and had to wait for hours standing in a very strong rain and with an uncomfortable headache, but when Bono sang the first words, it was completely forgotten.
The sound was really good. U2 tried to communicate their message once again showing parts of the human rights declarations of the UN are on the screen. Bono was wearing a head band with CoExist on it with the sign of a moon (muslim), david star (jew) and a cross (christian). He didn't forget that Copenhagen is in the top list for terrorism targets and his words really made us reflect.
It was an amazing show! Hope I can see them again soon, in my country..

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