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by Dom

Ok, here we go. Got to the arena around 3pm or so. I figured my place in the heart was secured. I was wrong. There were about 400 people there already. By the time we got into the arena it was around 6:45 or so. We ended up getting first row surrounding the heart. And let me tell you I dont think there is a better place to be other than front row in front of the main stage.

The show flat out ROCKED. This was definitely the greatest concert experience of my life. The Edge is the greatest musician of our time. Bono is the greatest stage performer and front man of our time. Adam and Larry make up the greatest rhythm section of our time - Hands down.

Highlights include:

- The Fly. The whole thing from the song to the screens to Bono's stage performance. I think he ran around the heart about 3x as fast as he could.

- The intro - just flat out awesome - I could barely even hear the beginning of Elevation because the crowd was so loud. The energy was unbelievable.

- Bad - enough said.

- The beginning of Streets - from the music to how beautiful the stage looked with just the red screens lighting up the arena.

The performance of Desire from the tip of the heart.

- There are so many more - but finally Walk On is a beautiful closing song. Great Choice!

All in all the whole production was magnificent - The music was of course the gretest feature. However the stage and lighting were phenominal as well.

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