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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by jck747

There are two ways to look at this show. If you didn't accept the fact that Bono was sick and his voice was affected, than it left a lot to be desired. If you realized this, than it was great. Bono clearly not feeling well, but going all out regardless. As others have done, I'll get the bad out of the way (as we all know, bad for this group is more than most others are capable of at their best). It goes without saying, this is all my personal opinion.

Bono's voice- Didn't sound like it was affected as it usually is when it's off-most likely under the weather. Especially noticible on WOWY.

In My Life- Bono blanks on the lyrics out after an emotional spoken intro talking about 20 years ago in Albany, J.B. Scott's and Lennon's murder. Cringe.

Desire- Either do it acoustic or blow the roof off the place, I don't like this full band version where it seems like their not sure which way to go- Gloria and Not Fade away are cool, however. What's with Adam leaving the tip- Bono even look incredulous, like, if Larry can stay the whole song- so can you. Way too conspicuous.

Time is NOT on my side- During Bad, kind of depressing, fatalistic- injected some harsh reality into a transcendent song.

Enough of that-the good and great.

Those in the GA line all day, very cool, especially this guy and his girlfriend next to me who I lost after the show.

Very good crowd, even without Bono playing to them too much (if you were in the heart, you sort of forgot there were 17,000 others.

Gone- You can tell the band loves playing it. It's still fresh and Edge is on fire.

Bad, Streets- Incredible 1-2 combo, unbelievable. With the crowd's 40 chant leading into the Streets intro-WOW.

The Fly- Bono doing the paranoid Fly run around the stage and sticking perfectly to the screen for a full 15-20 seconds, great.

After Walk On- not a steller version, I think some techincal problems, but Bono walked to to the front right of the stage after and had a genuine look of thanks, mouthing the words, he looked really touched.

I think after the taping in Boston, the group will loosen up a little and really close out the last two weeks with some amazing shows.

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