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by mrboogins

My U2 resume: 30 years old(13 of which a U2 fan), attended 6 shows on 3 tours(2 Zootv, 3
popmart, 1 last night, 1 more tonight)

Well what can you say?? I've been following this site since day 1 and all the hype was true!!
Got there at 2:00p.m. and checked into
our hotel( A stones throw from the Pepsi arena). After venturing downtown I looked for the crowd to meet Bono. The good thing is that we saw them drive in, and got a wave out of Bono, but no thing more(they got there at 5:00, little late for there sound check I guess).

ELEVATION: By far the best opener they've had. Lots of life!! Could have played it 20 times for all I cared.

BEUTIFUL DAY: Sounded good. Still pumped up from Elevation, so they could have played anything as far as I was concerned.

UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD: Nailed it. Just nailed it. And reminded my wife that fact after the song.

MYSTERIOUS WAYS: Was ok. I mean it sounded good, but maybe just don't like the song. Best part was Edge's guitar at the end.

STUCK IN A MOMENT: Well done hear. Sounded great. First time I noticed Bono was struggling with his voice.

KITE: was great live. love the electric guitar in it.

GONE: I liked it better during Popmart, I think the screens behind it helped that song.

NEW YORK: Great live, ending is great.

good old songs that always sound the same to me.

DESIRE: Don't like this song, wanted Angel of Harlem in this spot, oh well.

STAY: Very nice. Bono said "you probabaly don't know this one, because no one bought our record" Thought that was funny.

BAD: Close your eyes, just do it, trust me.

Streets: ultimate concert song, but I don't like it on cd, go figure.

PRIDE: is pride

BULLET: powerfull

FLY: Rocked
ONE: good
WALK ON: end to a magical night

My comments are: 1. Bono kept saying that the last time he was in Albany was 20 yrs. ago(I saw them on Zootv in 91' in that same arena...was Knickerbocker arena then)
2. Bono tried to stay away from the high notes twards the end, but the ones he tried, he hit.
3. U2 fans are great, met some great people before and after.
4. In the cheapies tonight, but who cares, I guess you can say I was Elevated to the upper deck!!!!!

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