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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Jim T.

For starters this was my 4th U2 show (1 Joshua Tree, 2 Zoo TV shows) so it has been almost 10 years between shows.

The crowd was in good spirits. I had seats in the second to last row of the upper level but don't worry there is plenty to see from up there. It's actually a good view to look right down on the heart. A pair of binoculars came in handy to see some of the other details. A little tough to hear some of Bonos speeches in between songs.

The song selection was pretty much standard;no big suprises. Kite was probably the highlight of the first part of the show. Just another example of a U2 song that sounds even better live. For me things didn't get really going until they played I Will Follow and SBS about halfway through the main set. Liked the semi-unplugged bit at the heart tip for Desire and Stay. Glad they played Desire instead of Angel of Harlem but just personal preference (I know there are a lot of AOH fans out there;). Loved Bono's intro to Stay where he mentioned that not many people knew that song because not many people bought the album ( I have the album;glad they played the song!) This led into Bad which is alway my favorite. The crowd really got into it but they really blow the roof off when the transisiton into WTSHNN. Like the switch of Pride back to the final song in the main set then the Encore is a real Tour De Force from Bullet to WOWY to The Fly to One and Walk On. They did leave out EBTTRT and In A Little While which made things seems a tad short. No biggy though. From what some other people said Bono was a bit under the weather but I didn't notice that. He did, however, hold back on some high notes during the show (noticeably the first 'Wide Awake" during Bad). I will still perfer to see Bono at 70% or 80% than most anyone else at 100%!

If you are worried about getting too much information about the concert from this web site don't. I've been checking in regularly since the beginning of the tour and I was prepared for the entire set they played. Also very helpful to know that Stevie Wonder was played over the PA before they came on stage. That sent me scurrying to my seat. I just considered this site Enhanced Elevation Tour! For those still to go to their first Elevation show enjoy! You want be disappointed.

I can't sing but I've got soul
The goal is elevation!

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