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by Vic

This is the 4th time I have seen U2 on tour all the way back to the
Joshua Tree tour in 87. I have enjoyed all the concerts immensely. This was
no exception. I had great seats to the left hand side of the stage (the
band's right) The first two songs just blew me away. Maybe its because I am
in my 30's now but I was kind of cynical about seeing them this tour. Even
though I enjoyed the pop tour a lot the sound at that concert sucked. The
sound here was a pleasant return to form. The band was tight and sound
system excellent. Any doubts melted away right off the top. I felt like I
did when I discovered them the first time from "under a blood red sky" in
84. Seeing them up close was like seeing old friends again. It really is an
odd feeling of projection. Like you have spent 17 years of your life with
people and grown up with them. Its like you feel you know them personally.
Bono was by his own admission feeling sick. I am not sure if he
meant this spiritually or physically. He certainly looked pasty white like
he was fighting a cold. and thanked the crowd several times for helping to
lift him up. His voice was a little ragged at times but he never had it
break. I guess thats a testament to the strength of his voice. He did not
attempt any more of the high parts than he had to but a lot of the bits
where I thought he would falter he pulled off with flying colours. The edge
and the rest of the band were really in tight rocking form. They didnt look
anywhere near 40!! Other highlights were a great version of "Stay" where
Bono joked that not too many people knew the song because nobody bought that
album!! "Mysterious ways" and "Pride" were also great. They played a
reworked version of "The fly" which I thought rocked but didnt really fit
the U2 of this album (you needed the leather and glasses and the whole Zoo
thing for that song).
Other Notes: Bono mentioned being in the States when John Lennon was killed,
They showed the video of Charlton Heston talking about guns. Of course at
this point the dullards in my section seemed to be CHEERING for what
Charlton said rather than getting the real jist of the anti firearm
statement. Perhaps the the video image of the little girl picking up her
parents gun was supposed to provoke some thought for the imbeciles who didnt
get the irony of the statement the first time. In that regard Bono did seem
to be more political than the last two tours, talking about Aids in Africa and 3rd
world debt. All in all well worth the price of admission and a great

PS. If anybody out there wants to bootleg this show by video make sure that
you cover the redlight on the camcorder!! Its an easy giveaway that you are
doing it!! I spied at least 2 people taping this show on video, one right in
the heart!! just because of their red lights on the recorder. Not that the
security seemed to care at all!

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