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by Josie

Oh my God! It was incredible! This was my first U2 show, and let me tell you, they turned Pepsi Arena into such a small, intimate place! Tears streamed down my face on more than one occasion, and I couldn't help but feel lifted off of the earth during the entire concert.

One of the most powerful (and confusing for those not understanding the irony) moments of the show was before the first encore. They raised the projection screens and displayed a scene of the NRA's Charlton Heston saying something of the sorts, "Guns in the hands of good people . . . well nothing can go wrong with that." Almost everyone in the crowd began to cheer (although I did not), yet their cheers were turned to silence when the scene changed to a young baby girl picking up a gun out of the paper bag. The band immediately segued into "Bullet the Blue Sky", and although many of the fans felt uncomfortable, I felt that they truly got their message across and that the irony they used was tremendously poignant.

For anyone who hasn't seen U2 live or who has a chance to see this tour, PLEASE GO SEE IT! It is worth every penny and more that you spend. Don't give up your chance!



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