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by Cate

Absolutely amazing.

I have grown up with U2 - saw them in L.A. Nov1987 for the JT tour when I was a senior in high school, then in L.A. and Anaheim about 9 years ago for Zoo TV. I have to say, this night blew it all away!

Flew in from Virginia and met my best friend who flew in from Cincinnati. Thought I might not live to see the concert after the turbulence my plane encountered from the thunderstorms, but it was SO worth it!

Had GA tickets (that Ticketmaster lost in the mail - that's a whole other story, though) and got in line around noon. We were #224 & #225, and boy, anyone that tried to slide in later without numbers on their hands didn't make it past those who had them. We got into the heart and were near the tip, more on Edge's side. It was stellar.

I don't fully know how to describe the intensity of feeling connected to all the other fans at the show and then at times feel like I was the only one they were performing for, but I believe anyone who has seen this tour will understand.

Elevation - could a concert start out any better? Sent us all into a frenzy!
In My Life was touching, even though Bono got lost.
Kite is truly beautiful live.
Sunday, Bloody, Sunday rocked hard (although I loved the Edge's version on the PopMart tour).
Bad has always been my favorite in concert.
Walk On ended the night on the perfect note.

Being that close it was painful a couple times to see Bono struggling with not feeling well, but he truly shone through and had incredible energy despite it all. He was so honest about it, though, and all 4 of them were so gracious, it was moving.

I especially enjoyed the funny parts. Bono mentioning the album no one bought, when they got "arty" on us; "tell your Congressman that Bono is going to get really mad, no don't say that"; the Fly sticking to the video screens; and Bono making the Edge smile when he snuck in a smidgin of Led Zeppelin at the end of a song.

Wish I could go again and again, but "I know that this is not Good-Bye..."

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