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by Mike

The Albany Show...

It was 9am, and i started the drive to Albany with a friend from work. Oh yeah, I'm from Toronto, and didn't get a chance to catch their shows here, although I did go after work to see them at Muchmusic for their interview...
Anyways, it should be said that I am a Christian, and my friend is not. The whole concert was a spiritual movement for me, and I was touched by U2 like I have never been touched before.
Bono sings with such passion as the boys play with heart. Being a guitar player, I admire The Edge so much, he is such a talented guitar player, the way he makes it sing.
At the end of the concert, as Bono was singing Walk On, he broke out into "Halleluia" several times, and while the crowd was cheering for them not to leave, Bono motioned that the cheers were for the "Almighty.. almighty, AMEN!" That was sweet icing on a very tasty cake. I'm glad I got a chance to see them live and got to take a friend along who saw firsthand that Christians know how to rock just as well as anyone else, and that U2 is a great rolemodel for soul-searchers to follow.

Walk On, brothers and sisters.

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