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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Cate (yeah, another Cate)

Got tickets off the internet from my husband. He knows I've loved U2 since 1981, listening to them on PYX-106. Even remember the JB Scott's concert dates always being mentioned (but I was 12 so my parents wouldn't let me go, obviously).

Didn't like PJ Harvey, but enjoyed the U2 light guys dancing to the Latin music. Made standing there waiting--first row at the catwalk--bearable.

I knew they'd come out with Elevation--and house lights on. The emotion was amazing! I was surprised and touched at how each of the band members smiled when they heard the crowd. Like it was the first time they'd ever played before such adoring fans!

Elevation, Beautiful Day...awesome opener. I was (and still am) totally amazed at being front row and seeing them all so up close. I think Bono dripped his sweat on me. Wish I was that girl he danced with.

I didn't realize Bono was sick until Stay, when I could tell his voice was gone. I remember him asking us to carry the show, and then I screamed so loud I ended up losing my voice.

Every song was great, the energy amazing. I loved it when we all sang along...almost spiritual the unity in the Pepsi that night.

On the second encore they played the 2 songs I was most hoping they'd play: One, and then Walk On. I was almost crying.

The only other U2 show I saw was outside in Saratoga in 1992, and that show moved me as well. Achtung Baby is still my favorite album, but this new one is second. And this show was #1.

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