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by Fencer

This was my 9th U2 show since 1987, and the band delivers every time. From the opening beats of Love and Peace(with Larry and his drumset on the catwalk), to a magical performance of City of Blinding Light, the opening 5-6 songs were a rush. The band members spent a lot of time on the catwalk, and even from 20 people back in the GA section, I had a great view.

Other highlights included Sometimes you can't make it on your own, and Yahweh performed acoustic with all 4 band members out on the catwalk side by side; this was as cool as the numbers they did out in the crowd during the PopMart tour.

I agree with some of the other fans that the old standbys(Sunday, Pride, etc) sounded a bit tired. I think those great songs lose their luster if they're played too often. On the other hand, it seemed like a lot of the fans came to see just those songs.

The dynamic in the GA section was different than the Elevation tour. Unlike that tour, where the crowd seemed evenly divided between people with comped tickets and Propaganda members, this time the crowd seemed to be mostly people who got their tickets 3rd hand via a broker, ebay etc(I'm in the fanclub and had no luck with the presale, so I bought on ebay myself), and they weren't familiar or interested in the newer material or the Boy-era stuff. There was definitely less dancing and camraderie than I experienced during elevation. However, that could also be a function of the aging of their fan base, so who knows? My perception is that the band was working extra hard last night, but the fans were a tough sell. I'd love to hear other opinions on that one.

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