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by Blair

It has been almost ten days since the concert and I have had some time to reflect on the experience. I had seen the band in Phoenix a week earlier and was treated to the exact play list as the first show in Phoenix. Generally, that is somewhat of a "downer" seeing how it is exciting to hear different songs. It did however give me a chance to compare both concerts. First, talk about differences in the weather: I waited hours in the desert sun at 90+ degrees. In Denver it rained, snowed and hailed on us for hours, but for the most part those in my area handled it with good cheer. The actual concert was great in my opinion. It's completely subjective experience that depends upon perspective, those you sit near, the acoustics of the venue yada yada yada... The "Boulder Daily Camera" review made a good point: Whenever U2 tour they compete against there pass glory and that is generally hard to top. So each tour and concert presents itself with a daunting dilema. But, as I explained in my review of the Phoenix show, there are often reasons that trump the actual technical execution of the concert that go to the heart of U2's popularity and their longevity. I am a part of their fan base because first I love there songs and second, I love what they stand for. I don't always agree with their political positions, but the fact that they, and in particularly Bono, is making a difference for thousands around the world put them on a pedestal that few entertainers have ever attained.

They were definitely "tighter" in Denver and as the tour progresses I believe many who have the opportunity to catch them at different times will hopefully appreciate a band who feels more comfortable with the direction of the tour. One ommision from the set list as listed on this sight, fails to attribute "She's a Mystery To Me" that Bono attached to "One" closing the first set. He sang just a verse, but it was obvious he sang it for a fan in the front row of the elipse who had a poster that read something like: "It's My Birthday- Please Play "She's a Mystery." That song of course was recorded by and written for the late Roy Orbison by Bono. (I believe most in the audience wasn't familiar with the song.)
I particularly enjoyed Bono's interaction with the audience. He pulled a five year old boy to walk with him along the elipse during "City of Blinding Lights" it was really beautiful as Bono tried to make to boy a little more comfortable with some silly hand tricks. He also had a young woman to dance with during "Mysterious Ways" and of course as mentioned the dedication to the woman on her birthday. U2 has always been about connecting people with the band, each other and even God, so anytime that is brought to the fore I relish in it and am reminded why I have loved the band for twenty plus years.

On to Vegas in the winter...

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