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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by McCallister

Well, I and a friend travelled all th way from Australia to see the guys play. After having them skip OZ during the elevation tour (something they had never done in th history of their touring career before and something a lot of fans are still hurt by) we were'nt going to miss this one. Overall though it was a great show. I thought the sound was great despite the rumours I had heard prior about some other shows. I always think you get so much more ssing the band indoors than outdoors. Your a lot closer, get a better feel for the atmosphere and enjoy th sound much more. Only negative I thought ws that after seeing the band over the last 15 years over different shows this one appeared to be a little more routine and less pasion than others I had seen. HOwever I did love seeing and hearin classics such as electric co and retuned great live hits like Zoo station and the fly. A few of the new songs appeared to be a bit stale perhaps unsure to the band itself however overall they are still a very professional love show. (although for me the joshua tree/lovetown era will always be my favoutite.) I hope they remember the loyal aussie fans during this tour.

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