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by Miles

Ok, I had crappy seats, so keep that in mind.

This show was pretty good. Maybe its because I watched the Under a Blood Red Sky video one too many times, but for me, "Sunday Bloody Sunday" was the highlight. Somebody threw an Irish tricolor up on the stage, and during the breakdown, during what would have been the white flag part on the War tour, Bono tied the flag into a blindfold, and sang most of the rest of the song that way. Pretty intense.

The other highlight was the Bono acoustic "So Cruel". There was blood on the tracks on that one. Really emotional, even in a dump like the Silverdome.

Oh yeah, and Dana Carvey as Garth on beamed in on the MTV music awards for "Real Thing". My mom taped the MTV broadcast, and that looked pretty cool. But at the concert it looked kind of gay seeing that blond wig bopping around on the videoscreens for the entire song.

Still, a pretty sweet show.

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