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by cortez1973

Now THIS was an interesting show. Starting off with the Pixies in their final tour together ("From Las Cruces New Mexico...." even though they were from Boston), the scene outside of the Civic Center was pure madness. Lots of scalpers, and TONS of people willing to buy. With the St. Patrick's Boston show to follow, it seemed like everyone had the same idea that it would be easier to travel to Providence to get tickets outside the venue. They were wrong.

The show was such an obvious attempt to get away from the past that I spent a lot of time wondering if they would ever play anything that was more than four years old. The first seven (or was it eight?) songs were all from Achtung, and nothing from before Unforgettable Fire. Overall I remember thinking that the massive amount of trouble that I went through to get tickets was not worth it -- so choreographed that it was missing the spontaneous joy of the JT shows. But it was the first tour with ramps that went into the audience, and the first tour with significant visuals. It was a sign of things to come. By the time they returned in the summer with the Zoo TV Outside Broadcasts, their multimedia vision had really come to life.

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