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by Jeff


I was in college at the time in Boston. And for some weird reason, I didn't get tickets for the Boston Garden shows (I think I had mono and just couldn't get in line or sit there on the phone for hours and hours, trying to get through).

But my parents got through to TicketMaster and got me a ticket. I remember my dad Fed-Ex'ed it to me a few days later.

I went with a few friends from college. Lucky bastards already had Boston seats and Hartford tickets! And here I am, the BIGGEST U2 fan in the bunch, and I'm going to one (1) show: Providence. Oh well.

Let's see .... not a horrible seat. Edge's side, about 13 rows up. I had a great view of when the boys popped out of their dressing room. I remember the lights going down and those sequencer bells ringing and seeing them huddle up behind the stage. They were all smoking, and I remember them all hugging, then putting out their butts.

"I ............ could have lost you. I could have lost you, girl" Bono sang, all alone on the stage. I think Adam popped up next. Then Edge and Larry. The place went nuts.

The place was LOUD. The Pixies opened, and they were louder than hell. I remember one of my friends came over after the Pixies set, and I still couldn't hear him because my ears were ringing!

I remember being transfixed on Larry all night. I was right on the side of the stage, and I couldn't keep my eyes off the drum kit. Edge was right in front of me, too. He was great.

Don't remember too many details of the show, other than it was pretty great .... the vidi-walls and the lights and the barage during The Fly. All very, very cool. And I remember the b-stage segment. And Larry tugging on that big rope and spinning the Trabant which was hanging from the rafters. Very Zoo-TV, as they liked to say.

In hindsight, I should have busted my butt to get Boston tickets. In fact, 2 friends of mine actually got into the soundcheck one afternoon! One of them called me from a payphone outside the Garden to tell me they were letting them into the soundcheck in like 30 minutes, and that I should get over there. For some reason (what was I thinking?) I didn't get on the subway and head over. Oh well, my other friend taped the soundcheck, so I have it on tape forever.

Providence was cool. Not a "major" stop on any tour, so it wasn't like they poured their guts out. But it was cool to see all the TVs and screens and Trabants. I still have my ticket stub laying around somewhere!


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