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by Mikie Mastromauro

All i can say is, "Welcome back to 4 special guys that are a big part of my life!"

Me and my friend flew up from Melbourne for the show! We had Corporate Ellipse tickets and didn`t know exactly how it was going to work and what to expect, but it all turned out perfect!
We ended up in the very front row, right in front of Bonos microphone, we couldn`t possibly have asked for any better position in the stadium, apart from standing up there next to him! It was a dream come true for me to be there in that spot! I don`t want to sound selfish but i felt i really deserved to be in that spot as much as any other true U2 fan! I have put so much time and money into these guys and feel that every cent has been worth it...There is a special feeling that i get when i think about them and i`m sure every true fan knows this feeling too! something others just wouldn`t understand!!
We met some beautiful people in the corporate marquee...some of whom i`m sure anyone who was there will remember after reading this! A lovely lady named KK and her young son Cassidy...Yes, the little boy Bono pulled up on stage and sang with! We felt so proud that he picked out our little friend! I actually said to him when we got in and found our spot that if Bono saw him that i was sure he would spot him and pull him up on stage or something, and it actually happened! It was just something else!
The new set list was great, something that no-one else has seen or heard yet, which made it even more special! And the fact that there were a couple of very small hiccups just shows us one thing, that the boys are human and nothing more!

Thank you U2 and thank you Brisbane...for a day and night that i will cherish forever!

Can`t wait for the Melbourne shows!!

Mikie Mastromauro.

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