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by KK

With a face like this, Cassidy James Lichtenstein was sure to be seen. And noticed he was by legendary Rock front-man Bono, from U2, at the Vertigo Tour in sunny BrisVagas. Hoisted from a crowd of 45,000 people, My son, Cassidy paired up with Bono to send out an important message to fans "NO MORE POVERTY."
Sharing the mike and chanting "NO MORE," Cassidy and Bono held hands and bridged the gap. The 'Show of Hands' was a symbol to the audience, showing that it is possible to make a difference - no matter how big or small, to end this situation in our world today.
Cassidy is an animated boy who gets his kicks from making people laugh and throwing himself off very tall buildings. AJ Hackett's Sky Jumping phenomenon in Macau, China is Cassidy's favourite playground. At 233 metres high, Cassidy has taken the leap of faith 82 times, breaking a world record for the most jumps, ever... a bold feat for an 8 year old boy. His courage, zest for life and zany persona makes him one little guy that knows how to embrace life and the opportunities that come his way. U2 went off and so present with the crowd. The concert was a journey of magestic manifestation - great music, great energy and great memories that we will never forget. Cassidy say's the whole experience was exciting!!
I thank you U2, for giving me an experience a mother will always cherish.
In Light and Love, KK Carolé

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