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by Monte

In February 1982, I was an 18 year-old DJ for KRCC FM, a college radio station then associated with the Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and which on weeknights regularly featured the music of the Punk, New Wave, and Electronic rock scenes.   It is now a wonderful NPR statation with a broader audience and MUCH broader focus on content, but in 1980, KRCC, being one of the major local sources for the New Wave and Punk scene, actually had obtained and regularly played the advance international copy of U2's "Boy."  Not surprisingly, in 1981 the station also was one of the very (but fortunate) few that also had been LEGALLY selected by Warner Brothers to broadcast on a one time basis the (now heavily) bootlegged live concert from Boston from U2's inaugural tour in 1981 of the United States.

It's therefore safe to say that when U2 released its second album "October," I already knew their songs VERY well and was (like other DJs at KRCC) already a major fan.  For that reason, I went with one of KRCC's other DJs and some high school friend to U2's February 27, 1982 concert at the now (sadly) long gone Rainbow Music Hall in Denver, Colorado.  And I remember some things about the playlist and show that hopefully can supplement the recollections of the earlier poster "Robin," whose recollections otherwise align with my own.

First, I specifically recall that what Bono actually said in introducing "A Celebration" was that it was a VERY new (I seem to recall unreleased, but soon to be released) single and Denver was the beneficiary of only the SECOND live performance of the song, the band having debuted the single earlier in the same week in Kansas City (or wherever Bono said the band had just played prior to Denver).  In fact, I still own my copy of that single which I purchased shortly after the concert, and I absolutely 100% recall being excited that I had been told I was one of the very first members of the public to hear it.

Second, early in the concert, Bono claimed that the Band, or at least the Edge, had for the first time gone skiing (I seem to recall at Winter Park) earlier that day or perhaps the day before.  I vividly remember the reference to skiing for the first time, as Bono was obviously amused, and the crowd definitely reacted positively to this particul/arly "Colorado" activity.

Third, and this is important to the identification of the playlist, I also specifically recall that the reason U2 played "I Will Follow" a second time in the Encore was because, according to Bono, they had literally performed the band's entire repetoire.  I want to emphasize this point because, while it has been 37 years since this concert (and hence I admit my memory is certainly not 100%), I recall on the drive back to Colorado Springs my fellow KRCC DJ and I discussed that comment from Bono, and we were of the opinion that the band had, in fact, played EVERY SINGLE SONG from "Boy," including "Shadows and Tall Trees."  I am acutely aware that many (perhaps all?) playlists from the October tour omit "Shadows and Tall Trees" as being a song that U2 ever performed on their tour, but I genuinely seem to recall (albeit through the fog of time) that it was, in fact, included as part of this long ago concert in Denver.  In any event, I know that Bono CLAIMED that the band had performed virtually all their songs when he introduced "I Will Follow" a second time.

Unfortunately, while I remember the discussion with my fellow DJ about "Boy," I am less confident about which songs, even if all of them, that U2 performed from "October."   I specifically recall "Gloria", but sadly, after that, I can't recall the playlist from that album even though it was what was being promoted.

Fourth, I specifically recall Trash Trampoline was played too.  As an early fan of the band, I attended a year-and-a-half later the now legendary Red Rocks concert in Denver.  And I specifically recall that when the band played Trash Trampoline at Red Rocks, I commented to one of my friends that it was not on any album, but that I was glad they were playing it live "again" (meaning I had already heard it at the Rainbow Music Hall concert).

Finally, the version of "Southern Man" played in the Encore was, as I recall, nealy 10 minutes long.  What was fun was that Bono invited a member of the public on stage to play (claiming he could not recall the lyrics), and the person so selected sang the lyrics in a wonderful "Devo-voice" monotone that had the whole audience going ballistic in delight.  I specifically recall Bono and the Edge laughing and clapping as whoever that anoymous Neil Young cover performer was sang the correct verses.

Thank you for letting me recall this long ago very happy memory.

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