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by tim

i was at this show. my brother had just returned from his military duties in europe. he had become friends with the band's manager. he took me to this show for my 20th birthday. the opening band was actually the kamikaze klones. reading the the playlist prior to writing this brought the show back as though it were yesterday! there were only a few hundred people there that night (most of the local punk scene), but the band loved the response of the crowd! the band was amazing in performance as well as the sound. any music fan could tell a lot was changing on the music scene! after the show and not having much of a voice, we went to the university of what? ( since has been renamed the deadbeat club, my brother gave me his card). the band showed up shortly after. they were a little wide eyed in the contrast of their preconceived perception of america and the reality they now experienced. we drank together til about 3, and a gorgeous brunette took over my attention! the guys were fun to be with. my sons enjoy hearing about this show. it is a day i will never forget! yes this is right up there with the broncos winning the super bowl!!! unfortunately i have not been able to see them live since, but i am grateful for those 2 hours i witnessed and the few hours we shared!!!! i am a u-2 fan for life! tim

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