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by Chip C

This was my second Elevation show. Read my review for Houston.

Great show, once again they out did themselves and played a better show than the previous one. Houston was more compact and you felt closer to everyone, but Dallas was a better show. The boys seemed as if they were having a better time and the acoustics were better in Reunion Arena than the Compaq Center. They added Desire to the setlist for the first time on this tour.

They really seemed to enjoy being in Texas, who wouldn't. Ya'll are welcome here anytime.

Once again, The Fly rocked, it was nice to see them do something different and add Desire, Streets was unbelievable and I have a new found respect for Bullet The Blue Sky. That was really cool what Bono does with the spotlight.

This time I was not in a third row seat like I was in Houston, but in the upper deck and I was able to take in the entire show. It was amazing to see the different kinds of people that this band attracts. Preppy people, some guys dressed in ties who didn't have a chance to change, cowboys, kids with face peircings and colored hair, it was great. And we all got along. People of all races too. It is amazing to see that this band has that affect and is able to reach so many different kinds of people. Once again, as in Houston, Streets was the highlight that brought us all together and I felt like I was a part of something big. I was someplace magical.

The highlight of the night was shaking Bono and the Edge's hands after the show. For people who have yet to see them, stay up a little while longer and wait to see if they come out to meet the fans, it is worth it. This was truly my greatest moment.

See ya'll in California

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