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by john

After going down to Houston to see the show, I was excited to come home and see the dallas crowd. In Houston, the radio stations barely mentioned u2 were in town, Dallas was the opposite.
After arriving at the Arena at 4 pm we began to talk to security guard, and low and behold guess who was on their way to the arena the boys them self. At about 4:20 pm u2 pulled up in 3 cars, there is only one way into to reunion so the chance of seeing them was real. Well the first car stops and the second one behind gestures to keep going, well sorry pal bono and edge want out. The second car was full of security guards who obviously didn't want to deal with it, but Bono and Edge did, they got out of the vehicles and came over and shook everyone's hand, as well as posing for pictures. It was awesome, Bono was so humble, anyway after following the ban since 82 I finally can say I have met the two main members.
As for the show, it was awesome, the crowd made it awesome, they were way better than Houston. I thought Bono was great, but the Edge really seperated himself as the glue in the ban. IF you have tickets count the days, it is the closest show I have seen to the Joshua Tree yet.

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