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by kristal

The show in Dallas Tuesday night was a wonderful experience! This was my sixth U2 concert and the best one yet.

I arrived at Reunion around noon sinci I had General Admission. It was great meeting other fans. Ill post more about this on the various mailing lists later. I also had a chance to see Bono and Edge arrive to the stadium. They got out of their vehicles, said hello, and shaked hands with many of the fans!

When I got inside ended up in the Heart, in front of Bono about 3 or 4 people back. Although I misses some aspects of the show from that angle, it was worth it! I could see how Adam played some of the songs which is interesting to me since I attempt to play bass. I also realized how good Bono plays guitar. He is always saying he only know a few chords and doesnt give himself much credit, but from what I saw, he was doing more than just strumming a few chords.

Here are some of the highlights for me:

Elevation rocked! I really like how the band played most of the song with the houselights on. It set the stage for a very intimate show. At one point during the song, Bono sang Creep and Edge played a short guitar part of the Radiohead song. From the beginning, people in the Heart were jumping up and down with joy!

Bono began Until the End of the World by saying Judas! Bono and Edge spent some time on the catwalk doing their version of a bull fight. You can see the natural chemistry between them!

Stuck in a Moment was dedicated to Michael Hutchence. I think the live version is better than the studio version.

Gone was definately a highligt for me. Bonos voice was in great shape and it was evident during this song. At the end of the song, Bono played lead guitar while Edge played rhythm.

New York definately rocked! I know the audience did the da da dadada from New York, New York but I couldnt tell if Bono did also.

Sunday Bloody Sunday, as always, was great. Bono added snippets of Bob Marleys Could You Be Loved and Get Up, Stand Up and everyone sang along!

During I Will Follow Bono got an Irish flag from the audience and carried it around during the song.

Bono set the flag on the keyboard and said I didnt used to like flags and started singing The Sweetest Thing. Partway into the song Bono played keyboards.

I really wanted to hear In A Little While live and I did! It was excellent! Bono danced with girl from audience who was wearing a shirt that said Will Work for Bono on it.

Desire may not have been planned before hand because Bono said Edge, play Desire. Play it slow. It just sounded spontaneous.

Bad is my favorite U2 song and it was a pleasure to hear it live! Bono did not add snippets of Ruby Tuesday or Sympathy for the Devil as usual but he did sing How long to sing this song

During Bullet the Blue Sky Bono used the spotlight a lot! He pointed it toward Edge several time during his guitar parts and accross the entire upper levels!

Walk On, for me, was very emotional live. I could tell Bono was pushing his voice at this point but he did great! Bono dedicated it to Aung San Suu Kyi and talked a bit about Amnesty International. It was a great ending to a great show!

Bono talked to the audience a lot and here are some of the things I remember:

Bono said the first time they played in Dallas they opened for a wet t-shirt contest! He asked Larry if he could remember which venue they played but he couldnt.

Bono said This is awsome, talking about the show. He thanked the old fans for sticking around and welcomed the new fans. He thanked everyone for spending a lot of cash to come to the show.

Bono said they were going to do something old school and that was to introduce the band. He said when they first started they were called The Hype and they lived up to the name. He said they were next called Feedback because of the sound that came from the guitar of Edges brother. Then he told us that before all of that they were called the Larry Mullen Band and introduced Larry as they guy who gave them their first job. He introduced Adam as their first manager and said he was the poshist member of the band. When he introduced Edge, he said he had more children than Abraham and that he was as wise as (or was that wiser than?) Abraham. Edge was wearing a shirt with the number 2 on it and Bono made a comment to the effect of it better stay number 2, implying that Bono is number one!

After the show, Bono and Edge again said hello to the many fans who were hanging out and shook hands. I got to shake both of their hands and left Reunion feeling higher than a kite!

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