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by andy

It would be impossible for me to add anything new that hasn't already been said or dicussed about the show in Dallas. It is equally difficult to put into words just exactly how being a part of something so amazing makes me feel or what it means to me. Truly a genuine spiritual experience. Chills, tears, adrenaline and a smile from ear to ear all at the same time--for 2 hours straight. I was so impressed with the sincerity of the entire band. They seemed to try with all they had to not only give us the best performance, but it also seemed for themselves as well. I found myself wanting the band to have a good time almost more than myself. It was great to see them having fun with the songs and with the crowd--you could tell they were truly having a good time. For all the criticism directed towards U2 over the years, especially in the past 10, it has been a pleasure to watch them stand strong and just be U2--the U2 that so many of us have loved for so many years and others more recently. Do everything in your power to go to a show. It is worth every single penny. You will not leave the arena the same person that you arrived as. Thank you U2 for giving me the experience of a lifetime. It is not something that I will soon forget.

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