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by ctsteve51

I flew in to see my 51st show from Hartford to Dallas and scored a $45.00 at 12:15 from the box office. Fans without tickets take note. At 8:45 to the WILD Elevation remix, that has to be felt from within the heart, the way the band swaggered on and JUMPED into elevation kicked the best u2 show I'VE EVER SEEN into sheer heaven. EDGE had a shirt with the number 2 on it. I heard his laugh over his guitar after Bono licked the strings during End of the World. The way he and his Explorer tripped ever so cool like into I Will Follow. How Larry joined Bono out at the tip of the Heart. The Larry Mullen Band Bono called them. Adam never walked out on the ramps. But he's never sounded better. Turn around and watch him during the Fly. He holds his smoke so perfectly. Was that the FLY? They reinvented themselves to a new level just with this muscular reworking of an already powerful song. They brought back the solidness that threw me back to the War and Unforgettable Fire tours. Maybe i like them to much. I wish they'd repeat elevation at the end like they used to at early club shows with I will follow or 11:00 oclock .... U2 is in their best shape ever and the overly deliverd the goods. Cant wait til they hit New England.

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