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by Charles

U2 Dallas! I saw both Texas shows, it was my fourth and fifth time to see U2 in concert. I picked up the Joshua tree in '89 and have been a fan ever since.

I can not comment on the views from anywhere other than the inside of the heart, we managed to get in at both shows(Houston and Dallas) We arrived about two hours before the doors open and had no trouble either time.

The view from 'inside' is the best I've ever seen at any concert. It was truly an amazing experience. I highly recomend getting there early in order to see the show from this perspective.

As for the show itself the only complaint I have is that they did not play Pride which is one of my favorite songs to hear live. We thought they would play it since it was April 3 but alas they stuck to their setlist from previous shows, with the exception of Desire, which was a real treat. I could do without some of the Pop and Zooropa material but hey what the heck it's U2 and it's all really good stuff anyway, just my personal preferences. They will probably change up the set as the tour goes on based on the fact that they probably dont want to play the same 22 songs over and over again. They have so much great music to choose from that it is likely other shows will here 'Still Havent Found', 'Pride' and others that were missing here.

I thought 'Bad', 'Streets', and 'I will follow' were awesome and the energy of the crowd was euphoric. How often can you go to a show where pretty much everyone knows the lyrics to all the songs played? After all, they played their grammy award winning song second in the set. How many groups can do that? It's usually saved for an encore or last song song of the set, but U2 has so many great songs that any set they put together is perfect.

'The Fly' and 'Mysterious Ways' were a treat as well. I thought Bono and the boys put on a great show. I agree with others that the stage was a refreshing return to a long ago era but I did not mind the elaborate setups of the 90s. This stage just felt a little more personal.

As for comments regarding Mr Heston and the Texas crowd it is true that the message was probably lost on some of the more conservative gun holders of the crowd. Houston had a more vocal level of support but what do you expect in Texas? I thought it was fitting for U2 to make a political commentary on America's current gun problem, and then launch into 'Bullet'.

Overall this was the best I've seen U2. The stage is best from the heart, the crowd is great, the set list is perfect, and for all those who think Bono was missing a beat, lyric, note, energy or the like well I would say you're probably missing the point...go for the music, the experience, and the memory. If you're with friends singing and dancing how could U2 be bad?


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