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by Mat

I would like to say that words do not begin to explain the Dallas Elevation show. I first saw U2 live in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl for the Popmart show which was the coolest thing that I had ever seen. At the time I lived in Stillwater Oklahoma and attended college at O.S.U. and thought it was time to see the boys live. Thank God I did. It was amazing. Well it was getting close to 4 years since U2 had released a new album or toured and that was 4 years too long. I had to fight just to get tickets but that really didnt matter. My college roomate and I decided to make the show even though we lived in entirely different places. But that was alright because it was for U2. My friend had never seen them and mainly went to country concerts like George Strait. I told him that after seeing U2 he would never think the same about concerts again. After the show he told me that I was right. He was flying into Dallas from Tulsa and I rented a car and was driving from Lawton, Ok to pick him up at the DFW Airport. We arrived a day early to hang out in Dallas and prepare ourselves for the show. Before the show some of the radio stations were talking about and playing U2, but not as much as the 1997 Popmart show. There was a plan flying around with and Edge banner flying behind it. In route from our hotel in Arlington to Renunion Arena we heard that U2 were already in the building. Also Bono had stated that cameras were allowed; thank goodness because I brought a video camera and a 35mm. The arena, stage, and the crowd were awesome! Under arena lights U2 entered the building and everything changed. The crowd became alive to the point that the cheering muffled Elevation. We were sitting on the left of the heart; the side by Adam, and Bono started by coming to our side. Midway through elevation the arena lights went off and the stage lights came on, it was amazing! Before Until the End of the World Bono yells Judas and the heart became a giant strobe light. Discoteque and Mysterious Ways had a new, cool twist. I enjoyed the new songs and the set list but wish they would have played all of "40"; Pride, I Still Havent Found What I'm Looking For, and Even Better Than the Real Thing. But thats ok because I have heard a rumor that the boys may be back in Dallas in November and if so I will be too.

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