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by ryanD

First of all, there is no doubt this is the top, tip top of experiences. It is now April and I saw this show in November. I cant let go of it. It was like a storybook. I had been to the show in Austin and was in the heart with one of my friends. Austin was incredible, so I was kind of wondering if this one could be as good as Austin. It was my 4th Elevation show and 2nd time in Reunion. By this time my friends who all like U2, but hadnt been to the shows had heard me talk on and on and on about how amazing these shows are. So I made it my goal to get as many of my friends in the heart with me. You can try to explain some things like psycadelic experiences and dreams and competeing in a sporting event, but nothing is like living it, or being on the field as the pitch comes toward the plate or hitting the hole in football. So I knew the only way these guys, I constantly go on and on about these shows to, would ever understand is if they were right in the middle of it all, or as it is at an Elevation show right in the Heart of it all. Getting this coordinated was the biggest conceern.
1) Everyone in town and no obligations
2) getting your fingers on a GA ticket (takes a little money, and as youll see later a little bartering)
3) Helping everyone understand that it is worth the wait to get in the GA line (this is crucial)
So it goes down like this, and maybe this story reminds you of your experiences.
My friend Coop is a huge fan, but couldnt get away from work until the last second. He finally works it out and makes his way up from Htown. My other friend Captain Dynamo is usually not one to go to concerts but likes U2 and somehow by the workings of Angels gets a face value GA ticket from his brother. They have only one the other is in the upper level, so we will have to do some working on that later. Captain get his hands on the GA, and he is in. Scotty Dotty is a huge concert goer, but dosent have the funds to go and is thinking he isnt going to make it, Scotty Dotty is out right now. So Coop, me, and Captain all get together the night before the show and re-live our old college days. Lots of excitment is being generated and this is the night before. So Im telling the guys that we will have to get up early and get in line and this is not the easiest thing to get across. They agree and we are set for 830 start. So we all jump up without any reservations and make our way speeding across the metroplex from arlington to BigD in no time. We make it to the big turn and we see the line is already formed. The weather is great and we are right on time. I drop Captain and Coop off and they run to get in line. I find the best parking spot imageinable and run to meet up with them. We get our spots just over 100 in the GA line. We made it we did it, but the day is yet to unfold. So next step is to fill our stomachs and our ice chests. So Coop wants to take in the scene as Captain and I head back to the speederto get some supplies. Like I said, found an amazing parking space with no attendent, it ends up being employee parking, but we have in and out acess all day. So Captain and i go load up on grubb and a few brews. Come back and it is on. So we sit there and read and talk with the other people in the U2 community, just basically haveing a great time laying around soaking up the sun and chillin. I walk around reunion to see if there are anysigns of the band or stage setup. I can see the stage and it just gets me going. Im telling stories and listening to stories and it is basically heaven. 3 o'clock is getting closer and i start to think about Scotty Dotty. On our way back from the speeder Coop and I see the kind of guy who sells things, includeing tickets. We sk him what would it take for a GA and he gives us a trade that we can make with a different kind of currency. So I call up Scotty Dotty cause he usually has what is needed and he says he will be right down. So he races down and he meets us in line and is anxious to conduct the business. So I track down the guy with the ticket and Scotty Dotty tries to make the exchange. But it seems like it wasnt enough, so now it is a waitng game to see who will give in. At this point line cutting and shifting is becomeing high crime. So we wait it out hopeing that the deal will go through and Scotty Dotty will get his ticket. AS we are waiting there a security guard aproache sthe guy we are dealing with and asks to see the number on his hand, he gets beligerant and tells the cop to stuff it and gets ejected from the line. So Scotty follows the guy and about 20 minutes later squezzes back in with a GA ticket!!! It was a sweat deal. The guy was so flustered, Scotty Dotty's jedi mind tricks took over and got the ticket and the deal was done. So Now the scene is set and the bright sun slowly turns down and the line starts creeping forward. Coop, Captain, Scotty Dotty, and me all with GA tickets and all sitting pretty around #105. But still there is more to be worked out. Like I said i had been to the Austin show and kept my wristband and brouhgt it just in case it was needed, and sure enough it was needed. Captain's brother wants in the heart as well adn really needs our help. So i give him the old Austin wrist band and he takes it next door to the arena and makes photocopies of it. He now has entry to the floor. As he is doing this we start to enter the floor of the arena 50 at a time. So on the 3rd troop of people we hit the areana running. All 4 of us get our tickets ripped and sprint down the stairs and into the hallway that leads to the floor. Things are starting to become reality to my friends and I. It is working!! So there we are in the Heart after a nine hour wait, our time has come. As we sit there we talk about the stage just soakinmg up the atmosphere and trying to understand what is about to happen and where we are. This is what cant be described, this emotion this anticipation. Captain sees his brother and we do some wristband tricks to get him in the heart. It works! Then Coop and I see and old friend who we hadnt seen in years. Used to go to lots of shows with and he just happens to be there. I give Coop my heartband and Coop takes the heartband and gives it to .... So now evrything is set my vision of getting all these people to just be in the house, just get there no matter what, its about being there, its happening!!! And it has worked out better than I could have dreamed. Coop, Captain, Scotty Dotty, The Jalapenio King,...., and me are all in the heart of the show. No doubt take the stage as the people around us take other things adn we are off. Gwen is really really hot. Wow that girl is something special. No doubt is very impressive. Gret set adn then they are off. House lights are back on and everyone around us is buzzing. The areana is buzzing. So now we start to look around for our friend and his wife who got great seats in the Golden Circle. We find them and wave and try to sign some sort of message that dosent translate, then Stevie wonder starts to play and i know what is comeing. I run around with my eayes about to pop out of my head "Its happening its happening her they come!!" Almost uncontrolable. They hit the stage and we all hit the sky. Everyone is jumping screaming jumping screaming freaking out going nuts. This is the pinnacle of experiences. And as the show goes on Im filled with this feeling and idea and this truth about the capabilities of human beings. When we are united and together and focused and open we can create and build and experience the something greater than what we could ever imageine. I watched and felt things happen that night that I could never dream of. I watch this band come out and pour their life into songs. A singer who tries to convey a message of truth through his perfomance. A message that is spelled out in the conclusion of the show. With your Heart! Your Heart and your Soul! Show your Heart! Show your Heart and your Soul!! I watched as my friends were mexmerized and finally had the chance to experience what they had only heard from me before. I watched as Bono walked down the heart to the tip, during Until The End of The World, and reached out to Captain who is 6' 7 and ahd is huge arm extended. I saw Captain grab Bono's hand in this intense soul mans hand grip. Bono was stareing straight through the Captain. Captain wasnt the same for about 2 months. He said he felt electricity go through his body. The list of amzing things that happend that day are too many to list. But it seems that every time I go to a U2 concert I leave with some new sort of wisdom. And the Dallas show taught me, through the context of a rock n' roll concert that it si better to give than to recieve. I had been to shows before and done things myself. But I can tell you there was nothing more satisfying than seeing my friends being swept away. Nothing symbolizes that better than seeing your best friiend lock eyes and grips with Bono. I Love U2 and i loved the Elevation tour.
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