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by Megan McClure

It's nearly May and I am still feeling the effects of the Nov 25 Dallas show. This was the third and last stop on my Elevation journey, and this time I got to see it in the heart with my best childhood friend.
The entire show was electricity. Elevation fired off an electrical storm that lasted a little over two hours. The band has talked about feeling like God was in the house...and though I know it might seem inappriate.. that night that is what it felt like. By the time Streets had come on..I was so caught up in the fire of the night that I found myself screaming the psalm Bono recited during Streets...and falling to my knees during I Still Haven't Found.
Although I hadn't slept in over 30 hours, by the time U2 hit New York in their setlist..I was wired beyond description. As the last whispers of "New York" faded into the opening notes of One, I felt a warmth rush over my body. I grabbed the hand of my best friend as I sang and watched the names of the victims cascade down the screen. We raised our hands high and I grabbed the hand of a U2 fan next to me..and when he did the same, a small chain was formed. That night I felt a connection..to man, to God, to Love that I hadn't realized in a good time. It was as if my heart finally "got it", and as my prayer to God turned into Walk On, I joined in with the 20,000 strong Dallas choir in Halleleujah's to our maker....Dallas was a night I will never forget.

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