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by Michelle Llewellyn

Was it worth getting up very early and joining the GA line at 6am in the pouring rain? YES!!! This was my third U2 360 show I saw them in Vegas and Denver. I'd never experienced seeing two U2 shows back-to-back like this so following them to their next show, my own home city of Salt Lake, proved to be very special.
First off, a shout out to U2 fans in general they ROCK! Some folks might think we're nuts to spend all day waiting in line but the people you meet, the stories and music you share on each others phones and iPods, sharing pizza and card games, tents, and umbrellas. It's great comeraderie.
So, I was fortuate enough (and after two shows was an expert by now) to get a good spot in Bono's section right in front of the stage The section where I knew the catwalks wouldn't obstruct my view. What I hadn't counted on was the incredible energy this section gave off both exilerating and exhausting I mean the entire band is RIGHT THERE in front of you. I loved it and thanks to the people surrounding me holding great signs like "You were worth the wait!" to catch the band's attention meant many smiles from Edge, Adam and Bono were sent in my general direction and I could pretend they actually noticed me as I moved in Mysterious Ways and sang along at the top of my voice as they played all my favorite songs.
I must say, the setlist so far blows the show I saw in Vegas out of the water. It is so much better and I'm loving the addition of older stuff I've never heard live before like Zooropa, All I want is You, and Rejoice. I love it when Bono pulls stuff out like Bob Marley's Blowin in the Wind. I got great photos I hope to post here soon including two of the famous "Three Sisters" who were all pulled up on stage to read a poem with Bono about our lovely state of Utah.
Oh, and if anyone noticed a beach ball that got tossed up on stage during I Will Follow well...I threw that. Too bad Dallas Shoo passed it down to the stage hands below and it never got any air time. Oh well!

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