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by Bryan

Let me first address the issue of no alcohol/beer served at this concert. Because the stadium is on college/university campus property, the stadium cannot sell alcohol. This is a federal policy/law.

Now onto the show.

I arrived into the GA line about 9am and were approx 200-250 in line. By the time we were asked to return our chairs/coolers (3pm), we were closer to 400-500 in line. Many, many line jumpers appeared as we got closer to the 5pm door opening. We were still however able to get inside the pit and had excellent views. I will say the pit was very, very tight. I heard others mention that it felt there were more fans allowed than at other shows.

Beginning the show with EBTTRT was an excellent choice! It really got me going for the next 2 hrs. I also really enjoyed this setlist, I felt it had a good mix of U2's legacy. The only thing I had to say that I didn't like was the band playing 'Zooropa' behind the LED screen. To me, it made them removed from the crowd (and me?). Aside from that, I felt they all exuded energy and played to the crowd. Much love for the Irish rockers. Being my 9th show, I continue to be blown away. Thank you U2.

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