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by Tomas Vidiri

Well Well Well,

Third concert of U2 in Argentina in a row and everybody was specting some surprise.

Right from the start you could tell this was a special night made just for the fans. The band was so into it, playing every song as if it was the last time they were going to play them.

After "Pride" they started playing "Dirty Old Town" and although many people didnt know that classic Irish song I recognized it in just a second, I have a version of that song sung by Larry and its just beautiful.

There are many songs you would like to hear in a U2 concert but I never imagined I was going to hear "Bad". When the innitial keyboards started playing I went completley crazy, what a beautiful song. I really think this is, with "Streets", the best U2 song live.

Right after "Bad" they finally killed me with a great version of "Slow Dancing". I love that song!! I can even say that if it would have been included in an album it would have turned to be a U2 classic!! No other way!!

They could have finished the concert after "Slow Dancing" and it would still have been the best concert of my life.

I was only 14 in 1998, but I will never forget that week. I will never forget U2s hospitality with the fans hanging around in the hotel. I will never ever forget that very special day in which my dream came true and I shaked hands with Bono...I can still remember as if it was yesterday. I went mute, I couldnt say a word, I was completly speechless. But that look in his eyes is still in my mind.

Thank you U2 for keeping the fire on,

Best wishes,


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