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by Vicky GL

Oh well, where to start!! ;) My first U2 show, and I must admit, definitely live is where U2 live, becasue it was EVEN BETTER THAN THE REAL THING! Tough they didn't play the song (LOL), here's some of the highlights I can remember:

City of Blinding Lights: can't explain the jitters, when Arcade Fire's song started and the "EVERYONE", brilliant song, the band went onstage with incredible energy!! The Argentina-reversible-Vetrigo-jacket: marvellous!

Vertigo: what can I say? Looked like Bono was going to do the Stories For Boys snippet but he didn't, probably because the crowd went so wild singing the "OHH OHH OHH OOOOHH" :D

Elevation: Edge laughed at the beggining because the crowd thought Larry would come in but he did it a bit afterwards (it looked like it was planned, though) really funny moment, of course awesome as well.

Until the End of the World: Bono sang "we broke the bread".

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For: Bono said that when you come from a country like Ireland, Argentina is a really big country, but our countries have things in common. One of them, we had a difficult past and we are working for a better future, and we will have a better future, then he started singing the song. Beautiful.

Beautiful Day: AWESOME! "Beautiful Buenos Aires", Bono said, Can't exactly remember before which song this was, but near the stadium is the airport so airplanes that are departing fly nearby, so when Bono saw the first one that flew thrugh the sky, exclaimed: "Beautiful Day!" :D

The First Time (acoustic): as usual, great, I remember Bono's gesture fo throwing away the key when he singed that line.

Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own: I think he hugged someone or pulled someone onstage here but I might be wrong :s

Love and Peace or Else: Really strong, Bono banging the drum was just amazing

Sunday Bloody Sunday: crowd went wild

Pride: now I know why people say it is an excellent live song, it is, and defenitely NOT overplayed. GREAT FEELING! He mentioned Martin Luther King :)

Where the Streets Have No Name: Bono mentioned some Latin American countries, I think it was here when he said "not only an American dream". When I saw the Latin American flags and the Argentinian one, that stayed longer on screen than the rest, I cried.

With or Without You: Bono cried a bit, he said "You are the best!"

Fast Cars: Bono said "this is a new song for you", amazing, I loved it!!! He danced a bit with Edge as well ;)

Love Is Blindness: END WITH LOVE IS BLINDNESS??? BRILLIANT, loved it!!

The band went from the stage 2 times.

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