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by Jorge

First show in Buenos Aires, last South American stop of the Vertigo Tour.
- The show is the target of the majority of the filming for an upcoming IMAX 3d release. Several 3d cameras are visible around the stage, including two cranes and one suspended above the Golden Circle audience. The band performed a 10 songs show the night before to allow the cameras some difficult-to-film-with-audience shots.
- Setlist it's mainly the evolution of the South American Vertigo which after Monterrey brings the City of Blinding Lights + Vertigo with screen beggining, with a slow ending (40 or AIWIY).
- This night as AIWIY was coming to and end, Bono and Edege start performing a snippet of Love is Blindness. After the first verses, Bono signals Adam and Larry to join and the band performs the song up until the bridge before Edge's solo.
- The filming of the show for posterity is visible in several aspects: Bono speaks in english of the ressemblance of Argentina and Ireland , while the words are translated to spanish in the "small" upper screens. The audience in the stadium receives much more light than the usual and ,in my opinion , more than the next night.
- IMHO the band seems not so connected as expected. I have several friends that confirmed me so , in different parts of the venue, and the radio broadcast from next night will say that this was the case. Nevertheless, most U2 fan are of the opinion that Bono and rest seemed very relaxed and as enjoying being in Argentina.
- Also IMHO, the last encore, starting with two not so familiar songs as Fast Cars (with Bono performing a kind of flamenco dance around Edge while the latter plays his guitar in a spanish posture) and Yaweah disconnects much of the non hardcore U2 fan audience. Other U2 fans are of the opinion that the band being so happy with the audience leaded to the impromptu of full LIB.
- The audience coins the bass line of Vertigo as a chant to greet the band whenever there's a pause between songs.
- The First Time is performed accoustic in the left horn of the GC stage.
- The lighting of a red flare in the B-stage by Bono during Bullet the Blue Sky leads to some controversy in the media the next day, as the lightning of such a device (or a more powerfull one) during a concert in Dec 30th 2004 leaded to the worst non-natural-disaster in Argentina. Since then , each person who dares to light a flare in a rock show, a coommon custom in Argnetina before that date is welcome with the worst reaction possible. Bono might have been the first one to do so and be welcome since then.
- The slot machine before Zoo Station. Shows Evita, Valeria Mazza (argentine fashion model) and Leonardo Sbaraglia (argentine film actor), leading to no reaction, I guess because of the surprise of the last two selections. In the second "try" shows argentine president Nestor Kirchner and United States president George Bush, leading to boos from the audience.
- The audience obliterates Bono's voice in the key sing-a-long moments of the concert. We enjoy singing stronger than the performer, that's our goal!
- The sound varies in the venue, according to sources, from too loud and distorted to distant. In my position, just behind a sound delay column, the sound is clear and very enjoyable, specially the bass and guitar sound.

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