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by Timothy

For a band that was so serious and bent
on destroying the IRA back in the 80's,
these guys needed to have a little fun.
A release from the stress. They created
ZOO TV. The stage was so massive, I just
couldn't believe what I was seeing.
The large TV screens seemed to take over
this ugly yellow and red colored stadium,
adding life to the worst area of DC.

Unfortunately, it was raining, and there
was no end in sight. I missed both openers
to avoid getting soaked. Figuring the rain
would let up, I went to my seat, which was
right next to the catwalk/smaller stage,
branching out from the main stage.

As the rain came down even harder, many
of us thought the band would cancel at
the last minute. The lights went out,
and President Bush appeared on several
of the huge TV screens, chanting We Will
We Will Rock You, to the beat of the
Queen song, which lead into the beginning
of Zoo Station. My god, I've never heard
such deafening screams coming from the
40,000 plus in attendance.

To sum this gig up, the best part was
being within 5 feet of the band during
their acoustic set out on the tiny
stage, and drueling over the beautiful
belly dancer that danced on the wet
stage as light rain came down. Bono
was pissed during the whole show, afraid
that all the power along with the rain
might shock all 40,000 fans to death in
the world's largest electricution.
Bono did thank the fans and especially
the crew for enduring the endless rain.
Although the TV screens worked only
part of the time, and the band seemed
a bit annoyed to be playing the same set
for the umpteenth time, we had fun in
the rain.

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