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by SingleFlyer

Another great show.  I showed up around 4:30 and still got a good place in line.  I was in the middle of the catwalk about one person back from the baracade.  Focus for the first half of the show was on growing up in Dublin.  The second half was more of a greatest hits/standard set.  


Great use of the screen, however being in GA on the floor made it difficult to see what was going on.  


If you have seen a U2 show before, you won't be shocked by anything that happens.  Lots of the new stuff was played and it all fit in well with the old stuff.  


I was surprised by the lack of songs off of No Line.  Really nothing off of Zooropa or Pop either (I was hoping Please would fit in with their growing up narative).  The only song off of All That You Can't Leave Behind was Beautiful Day.  


Good crowd for opening night.  I liked not having an opener; seemed to launch right in to U2 perfectly.  Going back to tonight's show, will see if there are any dramatic changes.  I doubt there will be because clearly a lot of the stage and video is song specific. 

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