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by Hugh J

Well, i have to agree with the other posters. The last show I saw in Toronto with U2 was the same-the crowd was a real downer. I looked over this mass of people at different parts of the night and said I can't believe these people aren't jumping up and down. It seems these people just got tickets to say "I got tickets to the big U2 show and I hope they play the one song I know..".
Anyway, the band was very tight. They sounded great and the stage, as mentioned, was incredible.
I'm not sold on the setlist. I know they have a million songs but I question the addition of "YBR" and "Moment of Surrender" is a complete buzz kill as a closer. Great songs...but they don't seem to find the audience(good luck finding this audience anyway).
At the end of YBR Bono actually looked at the crowd and gave a hand gesture like "didn't like that one eh". He also strolled around the back and tried desperately to get the crowd on their feet with a few "Come on, get up" to no avail.
OK, enough about the crowd....they sounded GREAT!

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