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by Jim T

This was my 6th U2 show and musically it was probably near the top (Zoo TV Montreal Forum '92 a bit better)

I only get to about 1 show per tour and to me the crowd seemed into it. Everyone I could see stood the whole show (some U2 shows I've seen people sit for long stretches) and people were dancing to old and new songs.

The Claw is amazing to see in person and the video screen is unbelievably crisp. The added bonus at Rogers Centre was the Dome was open and you had the futuristic CN Tower as a backdrop to the Claw. It was lit up during the entire show and it seemingly pulsed at times to the music.

Speaking of music, I thought it was pretty bold to come out of the gate with 4 songs from NLOTH. Magnificent the best of that bunch. Other highlights: Beautiful Day, Elevation, Unforgetable Fire and of course Streets. "..Crazy Tonight" remix is interesting to say the last. I will say, though, it is quite a groove and the crowd got into it.

I have no problem with the set list. There are plenty of songs I would lOVE to hear: Bad, Even Better Than the Real Thing, Kite, One Tree Hill...I could go on but the point is enjoy the ride folks, they are the best out there whatever they decide to play.

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