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by Mark Baker


So...my 1st U2 360 show. It's been a long wait since the Vertigo tour. I'm pumped. I got in line at 4pm on the Tuesday night. Waited all evening.....through the cold.....until morning. I was 24th in line. I decided to bring my license plate to show Bono. It is an Ontario plate that says U2BROTHR. Only because...I love U2...and I'm a brother for sure.

Being up close in the front row was another dream come true. This show had an ebb and flow that was different. Vertigo truly was a rock and roll tour.

This was a show that was absolutely incredible. I forgot how huge a stadium tour is. I also remember past arena tours and was blown away by the captive audience. They even started doing the WAVE prior to the show.

Being from Toronto, the roof was open, the CN Tower was lit up...and the boys kicked butt.

Favourite moment(Canadian spelling) was Ultraviolet. How can I get a laser suit? I thought the sound mix was a bit "off" at the beginning....but then it seemed to even out.

From the front row you miss some of the visuals. Larry is harder to see. The bridges move and go over your head......

But I decided I wanted to see the band up close this evening and I will see the show from the back the next night.

I love you guys. At times, I looked around the stadium, and Bono had the joint eating from the palm of his hand. Check out some of my pictures with my new point and shoot camera!

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