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by Muldfeld

I just want to thank U2 for playing "Your Blue Room", "Unforgettable Fire" and "Ultraviolet", and to please know that, just because some of us don't go crazy during the songs, doesn't mean we don't love them. These were moments I never thought I'd experience during this moment I've waited 17 years to feel -- my first U2 concert. I actually cried during "Ultraviolet" because it was so special to me and I couldn't believe it was happening.

Know that it shouldn't ever be about just the mainstream friendly hits. U2 made the mainstream come to it by being true to itself and pushing the boundaries. It can do so again.

I also loved the performances of the newer songs, except "Get On Your Boots" (except the wonderful "Let Me In the Sound" parts).

I had a very expensive seat that my father was livid at me for paying ($265), but said it could be my graduation present. Thank goodness for the video screens, though. Even from section 113, I could barely make out the band beyond mere obscure figures. Most of the people in my section, if not the whole stadium, were nice and quiet, too, so I could really enjoy the performances in all their subtlety. Thanks, folks.

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