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by Grits

U2 show number 5. Missed Vertigo, but saw Joshua Tree and Elevation tours.

A great night all round. Usually I only get on the field at Rogers Centre to run the bases with my kids after a blue jays game. This was a surreal experience, a perfect night, not a cloud in the sky, the CN Tower looming overhead. I know it wasn't the case, but it sometimes almost seemed like the light show on the Tower was coordinated with the one in the stadium.

But most important of course was the music. A great set, I like the new songs, not sold on the Crazy remix, but it was good theater. The crowd was great, better than expected for a Toronto show. In spots the sound could have been better, but was pretty good overall from down on the floor.

Other highlights
- The early appearance of Mysterious Ways.
- "You saved me Lucas", Lucas being the boy brought up on stage by Bono during City of Blinding Light. They circled the stage, then at the end, Lucas tried on Bono's glasses. Don't know if they've done this before, but you don't often see Bono without the shades.
- Bono dealt with static during the end of one song, I think it was New Year's Day, and offered a few expletives. I don't care if there are a few minor glitches, and they rolled with it, they were having fun.
- Acoustic Stuck in a Moment, started after the Edge got his guitar fixed. In the middle, Bono asked for folks watching from the apartments outside Rogers Centre to flick their lights on and off, hilarious.
- I Still Haven't Found...always a great singalong, was dedicated to Canadian producer Daniel Lanois
- Also funny, but entirely made up, was Bono's comments on the Toronto International Film Festival. Something like, "Lots of stars in town. At my hotel, went to do my laundry, and there's Matt Damon. Went down to the lobby, and there's Colin Farrell. Went to the gym, and on the floor doing push ups is George Clooney. Hey, there's Megan Fox". After which Bono mentions they are doing SNL with Ms Fox. You'd think Bono would have enough coin to have the Hotel service handle the laundry. Does he do his whites separately?

All in all a great show, hope they come nearby again soon.

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