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by Trevor

I agree with the other reviewers who stated second show was better than the first.

Energy was there from the start; more waving arms from the floor, more jumping, louder singing from the audience overall.

It was also as if Bono had figured out the venue. He recognized the towers in the way the other reviewers mentioned, and it could be said he did so in a chatty or comfortable way which showed that he wasn't just taking in what he saw, but was including it in the show.

Having Lucas on stage was amazing and really gave meaning to the song. I agree, when Bono has a reason or angst to sing for/against, it notches his game up quite a bit.

Unlike some, I am a fan of the remix for Crazy and this time (up in the 200 section just to the right of the stage) I could really take in the stage lights and full spectacle.

Also, as a collector of (almost) all of their music, I am quite familiar with (and a fan of) Blue Room. But to me, when playing to a stadium where most might be lucky to know half of their hits, let alone catalogue, inserting Mysterious Ways was a better choice in order to keep the energy up. I liked, therefore, the adjustment to the set list and thus feel hugely satisfied that I was able to attend the second show after being somewhat let down (by the fans mind you) from the first show.

And, finally, indeed, I was thankful again for seeing Snow Patrol. It isnt much longer before they can headline a main venue.

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